VassarHacks is a 24-hour hackathon and the perfect opportunity to meet people with a passion for technology, learn something new, and build something amazing. Whether you’re an experienced hacker or a novice, our mentors and workshops will be there to help you push the boundaries of what you know. 

This year, help the world adapt to a new normal by building something for remote work or learning and public health. 

Remote Work/Learning

Was there something about remote classes that bugged you? Or maybe you found it difficult being in the same space for both work and relaxation. Build something that can make that experience better for everyone. 

Public Health

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Risks Report, “infectious diseases were named one of the top 10 risks in terms of impact for the next 10 years.” How might we mitigate the impact of a future pandemic? Can we do more to track and improve the health of ourselves and those around us?


Teams will be judged based on their Hack’s technical prowess, whether they experimented with new technologies, whether the Hack fits the theme they chose, and the accessibility features of their Hack. Each Hacker team should submit the following:

Hacks that do not fall within either category can be submitted under the SAS Data Competition category for consideration for a prize from that category. 

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$970 in prizes

1st Place (2)

$200 cash prize for the 1st place from each theme

2nd Place (2)

$150 cash prize for the 2nd place from each theme

3rd Prize (2)

$75 cash prize for the 2nd place from each theme

SAS Data Competition

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Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Liz Moran
Senior Global Academic Program Manager, SAS

Jacqueline Johnson

Jacqueline Johnson
Principal Analytical Training Consultant, SAS

Lori Downen

Lori Downen
Senior Associate Global Academic Program Manager, SAS

Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth Bradley
President, Vassar College

Leroy Cooper

Leroy Cooper
Assistant Professor of Biology, Vassar College

Chad Fust
Manager of the Vassar Innovation Lab, Vassar College

Marc Smith

Marc Smith
Associate Professor of Computer Science, Vassar College

Rui Meireles
Assistant Professor of Computer Science, Vassar College

Benjamin Morin

Benjamin Morin
Assistant Professor of Applied Mathematics, Vassar College

Marian Passannante '78

Marian Passannante '78
Associate Dean for Educational Program Development, Rutgers School of Public Health

Jason Fleetwood-Boldt '01

Jason Fleetwood-Boldt '01
Rubyist-turned-React developer, looking for work

Charles Rule

Charles Rule
Software Engineer, Epic

Judging Criteria

  • How technically impressive was the hack?
  • Was the team methodical and collaborative in their hacking process?
  • Did the hack use an appropriate tech stack?
  • Experience - App
    (x2 weight) Did the team put thought into the user experience?
  • Experience - Statistical Analysis
    (x2 weight) Are the findings presented in a way that is easy to understand?
  • Accessibility - App
    (x2 weight) How well designed is the user interface? Are there explicit attempts to improve the hack's accessibility?
  • Accessibility - Statistical Analysis
    (x2 weight) Is the presentation made in such a way that a layperson could understand the project?
  • Does the hack successfully work the way the team says it should?
    (x2 weight)
  • Did the team try to learn a new technology?
  • Did the team explore a new application domain (e.g. conservation, education, etc.) with which they weren’t previously familiar?
  • Did the team overcome any obstacles or major goal changes during hacking?
  • How relevant + important was the project focus to the team’s chosen track?
  • How creatively did the team’s project tackle a problem within their domain of choice?
    (x2 weight)
  • How well does the team explain their technical ideas and motivation from a high-level, intuitive perspective?
  • Are diagrams + demonstrations easy to understand and follow along with?
  • Does the presentation flow in a manner that’s easy to follow?

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